100% Product Publicity

What We Do

3G PR stands for Gadgets, Gizmos and Gear Public Relations. 3G PR is focused entirely on product PR. The goal is to provide rapid media exposure and product reviews for companies that design, manufacture, distribute and sell unique consumer products.

3G PR is focused 100% on providing immediate media exposure in order to raise awareness of specific products that are new to the market or are experiencing sluggish sales due to inadequate market awareness.

3G PR is 100 percent focused on product reviews and media coverage and social Buzz.

Why Choose 3G PR?

3G PR is different from other public relations companies because we focus entirely on product PR and media exposure. There is a need for a public relations service that offers a cost-effective way to gain quick media exposure for unique gadgets, gizmos and gear.

Too often PR campaigns are focused on a wide range of communication techniques that take far too much time and money to have an immediate effect on a company’s product sales. These campaigns are too often diluted and unfocused.

3G PR is singular in its purpose… to provide rapid access to journalists, bloggers and influencers resulting in rapid market exposure for your product.

“Working with 3G PR was without doubt the best choice we have made as a company, and that is not an overstatement. They quickly got us reviews and exposure that led to new business.”

- Richard Huang
Penguin United